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Deriving from the Greek word which literally means ‘to straighten teeth’, orthodontic treatment involves correcting the position of your teeth, their appearance and functionality.

Here at Fillybrook House we are dedicated to providing a wide choice of quality orthodontic treatments to ensure you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Problems with uneven teeth are common amongst both adults and children, and can cause a lack of confidence, as well as discomfort and difficulties in maintaining good oral hygiene, which results in gum disease and tooth decay. Treatment is simple though and can be done using a range of procedures including invisible and visible braces and aligners. The techniques we use on your teeth, and the duration of your treatment, will all depend on your personal circumstances and background.

Our team will discuss your individual requirements, preferences and desired outcomes during an in- depth consultation with you to ensure that you’re happy and comfortable throughout the whole treatment process.

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