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Used to literally ‘bridge’ the gap between one or more missing teeth, bridges are made up of a false tooth (known as a pontic) which is fused in-between two crowns (abutment or anchoring teeth).

Our patients choose to have bridges fixed for a number of reasons including restoring their smile, reducing strain on teeth adjacent to any missing ones, and preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

The procedure will usually involve two separate visits to the Fillybrook House team.

First Visit

The first will involve us creating an impression of the teeth either side of the gap and the fitting of a temporary bridge.

Second Visit

The second will see us fit, check and adjust your custom-made bridge.

We offer a choice of porcelain, alloy or gold bridges, and will work closely with you to choose the most perfect option for your individual needs and style.

Any treatment is always fully explained and discussed, and the options available to you as an individual.

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