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Our Team

Dr M R Hirji

GDC Number: 72668

Dr Mohammed Hirji graduated in dentistry from Bristol University in 1996. Prior to dentistry he studied B Sc (Hons) in Human Biology, and an M Phil in Medicine from Keele University. Having spent a decade in Medical Research and published work in learned journals in the field of Pharmacology and Endocrinology, he developed an interest in dentistry and to provide care for phobic patients. From his personal childhood experiences he understands how it feels and very much empathises with patients.

Dr Hirji is married and lives with his wife and two children. He is very much a family person and always has time for his family. Dr Hirji worked as an associate for five years, providing services at emergency out of hours NHS clinics. He also worked at various NHS dental surgeries within Staffordshire.

In year 2001, he finally decided on setting up his own practice from scratch where people mattered. It was to be run as a family business. Dr Hirji soon brought his wife so that they could both provide patient care with an empathy. Dr Hirji and his wife are totally committed to their career in general dentistry and in providing professional services to the highest standard.

The practice has been running quite successfully since 2001 with volumes of patient testimonials, patient loyalty and referrals to family and friends. Dr Hirji has created an atmosphere of calm where you are guaranteed to be seen by him on a continued and long term basis without any interruption from other dentists. Both phobic and non-phobic patients just love seeing him and his wife who welcomes people of all ages.

Dr Hirji has always been a keen academic and in his extracurricular time he has been engaged in courses to help with his continued professional development and general interest. He has a postgraduate diploma in Management Studies, Marketing, Dental Implant Placement, Graduate Diploma in Law, LLB (Hons), Postgraduate Studies in Law (LPC).

Dr Hirji remains patient focussed. He believes it is a privilege and an honour to be in such a unique position to be able to provide service to the community.

Mrs F Z Hirji

GDC Number: 106627

Mrs Hirji who is known by all as Fi was originally trained as a teacher qualified with BA (Hons) but when she married Dr Hirji and saw the passion Dr Hirji had for dentistry, Fi soon developed an interest and started to spend more time at the family practice by helping out with administrative duties. Soon she started to devote more of her time in the surgery and registered with the General Dental Council and soon obtained a qualification in General Dental Nursing.

Fi became a co-director and equal partner in the business. She now steers the practice. The principles of the business are not always centred on profit making but instead the approach that Fi has developed is more from patient empathy and patient care where patient is always the centre of focus.

Fi is always looking for patient feedback, remarks and recommendations and conducts a frequent audit that helps her business plan and direction the family practice takes. Fi is committed to the clients who visit the practice and create a unique and a positive memorable patient journey.

It is our belief that Fi is the backbone of the practice providing commitment to the day to day running of the practice and to the longer term projected practice plan.

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